Vue: <template> Is Not Considered a Root Element

In Vue, the <template> tag itself is not considered as a "root element" in a component. It's part of Vue's template syntax and serves as a container for the markup of a component, but it does not turn into a real DOM element in the output.

Instead, the root element is the first real DOM element within the <template>.

In other words:

  • The <template> tag is a mechanism in Vue that allows you to define a block of HTML that should be rendered by the component. It's part of the template syntax and does not become part of the rendered DOM tree.
  • The root element of a Vue component is the first actual HTML or component tag that appears inside the <template> tag. This is the element that Vue uses to mount the component's content.

So in discussions about Vue components, when referring to the "root element", it's about the first real (non-<template>) element or component within the <template> tag.

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