Web Developer, AI Engineer
& SEO Expert

Vincent Schmalbach

I'm a Full-Stack Web Developer & SEO Expert with over ten years of experience. I specialize in modern SaaS and business app development.

Along with coding, I bring hands-on experience in business and marketing to help your project succeed in the real world.

I'm also an expert in AI engineering, having created numerous apps and SaaS solutions that integrate Large Language Models (LLMs).

Vincent Schmalbach

About me

Throughout my career, I have built up several businesses, including the first price comparison for mobile phone contracts in Germany, a SaaS startup for automatic translation of websites, a blog network with more than 1 million monthly visitors, and an online store for new cars. I also work as a freelance software developer and create websites and online stores for small and medium-sized businesses. I have also been helping companies boost their profits by improving their visibility in search engines for well over 10 years. This includes almost a decade as external consultant responsible for the SEO strategy of a large corporation, helping widely known brands to succeed. More about me »

Tailor-made Software

Web development comprises the building, creation and maintenance of websites or web applications. The idea is to turn a concept into a working application that operates flawlessly, loads quickly, and provides users with the ideal experience.

Commonly, web development is broken down into two areas: front-end development, which refers to the site presented to the user, and back-end development, which involves server-side development.

As a full-stack developer, I handle both. Having a comprehensive understanding of how the web works at all levels, I make sure the front-end and back-end of a web application interoperate without a glitch. Leveraging my experience, I am able to apply best practices, anticipate technical issues, and provide strategic advice to clients beyond just the software development process.

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Website Creation

Web design refers to the process of researching, planning, designing and implementing websites.

Web designers are equally responsible for analyzing and understanding user needs and intentions. Their objective is to create an ideal user experience to increase conversion rates and encourage visitors to come back.

Web design thus goes beyond mere aesthetics and encompasses aspects such as usability and information architecture. Web design also affects a website's performance in search engines, as well as its conversion rate, and is thus a decisive factor for business success.

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Online shopping has developed at a rapid pace. Everyone can now become an entrepreneur and open an online store in record time thanks to modern e-commerce platforms.

In order to succeed in this environment, it is essential to have a website that is optimized down to the smallest detail. Faceted navigation, product suggestions, a powerful site search, a smooth check-out process, and seamless integration of all relevant payment options are among the minimum requirements. Last but not least, the online store itself should be highly visible in search engines.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is at one level a way of business consulting. It is vital to understand a business beyond keywords and title tags. This results in a concept that is tailored to your industry, your services or products and your customers.

Then again, search engines and websites are entirely built of software. A deep technical understanding is crucial to be able to optimize a website in great detail, taking into account non-obvious technical aspects.

A key factor is the creation and optimization of content, as well as building backlinks through public relations.

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