About me

Vincent Schmalbach

I am Vincent Schmalbach, entrepreneur, software developer and SEO expert.


Ever since starting my first online business in 2002 at age 19, my work has been focused on web development, website creation and search engine optimization.

I backed up my practical experience with relevant theoretical knowledge through my degree in Information Science.

What I do

Besides working on own projects, I do freelance work as a software developer and create websites and online stores for small and medium sized businesses. I have also been helping companies boost their profits by improving their visibility in search engines for more than 10 years.


My clients include small start-ups as well as established small businesses and publicly traded companies.

This includes almost a decade as the external consultant responsible for the SEO strategy of a large corporation, helping widely known brands to achieve success. The SEO concept I created won the company tens of thousands of new customers and is still in place for the most part.

My own companies

Alongside, I started a number of businesses, including the first price comparison site for mobile phone contracts in Germany, a SaaS startup to automatically translate websites, a blog network with over 1 million monthly visitors and an online store for new cars.