Bing Chat and ChatGPT’s True Impact on the Search Market

There was an article by Search Engine Roundtable stating that Bing has gained less than 1% market share since adding Bing Chat. This claim seems to be more sensationalist than factual, especially when we dive into the data source they used – StatCounter.

Why StatCounter Data is Misleading

StatCounter tracks how people go from search engines to websites. But here's the catch: Bing Chat and ChatGPT often give users answers right in the chat. This means many users aren't clicking through to websites anymore. Since StatCounter only sees these website visits, it's missing a big piece of the puzzle.

The Reality of User Behavior

Think about how you use ChatGPT or Bing Chat. You ask a question, get an answer, and that's it. No need to visit a website. This is a huge change in how we search for information. But StatCounter can't see any of this. It's like trying to track the popularity of electric cars by only counting gas station visits. You're going to miss a lot of what's actually happening.

Hints of a Bigger Impact

There's evidence suggesting Bing Chat and ChatGPT are making a significant impact, even if it's not showing up in traditional metrics. For instance, some websites, like Stackoverflow, have seen a drop in traffic since ChatGPT was released. This implies that people are turning to ChatGPT (or BingChat?) for help instead.

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