What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization aims to improve the findability of a website in search engines like Google. It is not the search engine that is optimized, but the particular website.

Why Search Engine Optimization?

93 percent of Internet users use search engines. Findability on the web is therefore equated with findability in web search engines.

The visibility in search engines plays a significant role in business success for more and more companies. Accordingly, there is competition for the top position in the search engine result pages.

Art or Science?

In order to prevail in Google & Co against competitors, it is not enough to follow a few general rules. For sustainable success, it is necessary to know in detail how search engines work and to design a website by this knowledge.

The art is to be always one step ahead of competitors through creative application of that knowledge.

About me

In 2002, I founded my first Internet start-up and since then have been pursuing search engine optimization. In between, I have graduated with a degree in Information Science. As a result, I not only know how to make websites appear first in search engines but also why it works.
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